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My name is Amaranta Martinez.

I’m an Emmy award-winning

creative director, AR muralist,

and digital artist living in Miami.

I'm passionate about brand identity,

art direction, illustration, public art,

animation, and WEB3.


I'm confident that my visual solid

sense helps to develop creative

campaigns that connect people

to brands in an innovative way.

I have extensive experience in broadcast, print, branding, public art, and digital online platforms.  I also love to inspire and share my knowledge through courses and public speaking.

Now let me tell you a little bit about my personal story. After many years in the corporate world, One day, I decided to quit my day job as an Art Director for Nickelodeon.

That's when I created my personal brand Superama. Since then I have worked as a Muralist, Illustrator, Creative Consultant, Content Creator, and Speaker.

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I've had the opportunity to work on many fun and amazing projects involving murals, illustration, design, animation, and augmented reality for clients worldwide. I've had numerous group and solo exhibitions locally and internationally. Below you can see some celebrities like Heidi Klum, Paula Abdul and Steve Aoki wearing some pieces from a collaboration I did with a clothing brand from Germany called Lin Art Project.​​

My new passion is the WEB3 space. The first NFT COLLECTION I created, was for a Community in Miami called WEB3 EQUITY. Now I'm part of a community called The Women of Web3 whose purpose is to educate and empower women who want to learn and be part of the web3 space. 

For the latest projects and accomplishments check out my BLOG. You can also follow me on INSTAGRAM or TWITTER.


2020 Emmy Award Suncoast Chapter - Winner (USA)   •   2013 AI-AP Latin American Illustration - Winner (USA) 

2009  Promax Latin America - Silver (USA)   •   2008  Promax Latin America - Silver (USA)  •   2007  Promax Latin America - Gold (USA)

2006  Promax Latin America - Silver (USA)   •   2005  Promax Latin America - Silver (USA)


2022 NFT Miami Week (Wynwood - USA)    •   2021 School of Design UTEM (Chile)    •   2021 EXPO WINKO Virtual Conference   •   2021 Uniremington College of Design (Colombia) •   2021 Venprendedoras 5x5 Event (Miami - USA)   •   2020 School of Design UTEM (Chile)   •  2019  Miami Emprendedores Event (USA)  •   2019  Festival de Innovación y Creatividad (USA)  •

2018  SheMiami Event (USA)  •  2018  Gestión Cultural (México City)


Si quieres pertenecer a un Club Exclusivo sólo para creativos suscríbete a mi SUPER CLUB.

Es un canal de Telegram donde tendrás retos semanales, una clase en vivo al mes,
acceso a clases anteriores, oportunidades de trabajo y conectar con otros creativos.

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Escucha nuestro Podcast "Creatividad en Ñ"

Un Podcast donde hablamos de creatividad y productividad 100% en español.

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