Here is a compilation of my favorite murals and Pop-Up murals

I've done for different clients through the years.


I'm so excited that I had the opportunity to make this mural for a shoe brand like PAYLESS.

The idea was to create a fun and colorful world with pictures and brand logos that are sold in the shop.

I did this digitally with Adobe Fresco in an iPad Pro and finished it in a desktop computer in Adobe Illustrator.


I loved doing this mural for Bunniecakes new location in Downtown Doral, Miami. It was challenging because I also had to paint the ceiling of the store front. It was hard but totally worth it!

These murals (see below) were the first ones I did for this client in their Wynwood location. This shop does not exist anymore,
but I'm grateful for these colorful memories I've got to share with my twins 👦🏻👦🏻


I had the opportunity to work with Apple Store employees to make this large mural in a low-income neighborhood in Miami called Little Haiti. Most of the people that helped finish this had never painted before, so it was very exciting for them. I traced the drawing the night before, and we painted the whole mural in 1 day. Thank you Unconventional Group for putting together this activity and making it so much fun!