Here is a compilation of my favorite murals and Pop-Up murals

I've done for different clients through the years.


I'm so excited that I had the opportunity to make this mural for a shoe brand like PAYLESS.

The idea was to create a fun and colorful world with pictures and brand logos that are sold in the shop.

I did this digitally with Adobe Fresco in an iPad Pro and finished it in a desktop computer in Adobe Illustrator.


I loved doing this mural for Bunniecakes new location in Downtown Doral, Miami. It was challenging because I also had to paint the ceiling of the store front. It was hard but totally worth it!

These murals (see below) were the first ones I did for this client in their Wynwood location. This shop does not exist anymore,
but I'm grateful for these colorful memories I've got to share with my twins 👦🏻👦🏻


I had the opportunity to work with Nickelodeon employees to make this large mural in a low-income school in Wynwood, Miami. Every year the company has Community Day, where all the employees give back to the community. I'm so grateful they chose to work with me to beautify an elementary school. We had a lot of fun and the result was amazing. 

Foto School BEFORE.jpg
Foto School BEFORE & AFTER.jpg


I had the opportunity to work with Apple Store employees to make this large mural in a low-income neighborhood in Miami called Little Haiti. Most of the people that helped finish this had never painted before, so it was very exciting for them. I traced the drawing the night before, and we painted the whole mural in 1 day. Thank you Unconventional Group for putting together this activity and making it so much fun!