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Working with Armani Exchange was an unforgettable experience. They flew me out to Arizona during the Super Bowl to customize sneakers in their Scottsdale shop. The Armani Exchange team was welcoming and supportive, and as soon as I arrived I saw my name and designs on display on the storefront. It was very exciting. It was an honor to work with such an amazing brand, and I'm grateful for the opportunity.


I did this by collaborating with a Fashion Design from Germany. She contacted me, so we could make my illustrations come to life through different materials and the result was really amazing. She did a spectacular job mixing fabrics with my designs. The best part is that celebrities like Heidi Klum, Paula Abdul, and Steve Aoki wore our designs!


I had the honor of collaborating with World of Women and Johnnie Walker on an exciting project for Art Basel Miami. World of Women is a very successful NFT collection, and they approached me to create a sculpture of the iconic Johnnie Walker bottle with a World of Women theme for a Gala they had at the Surfcomber Hotel in Miami Beach.

Here you can see some pics of the process and a picture of me with the sculpture in the lobby of the hotel. The theme of the Gala was GALACTIC, that's why the sculpture has a milky way vibe. The original piece was all gold, that's why I decided to leave some parts with the original color. The loved the result and so did I!


I did this collaboration with a brand from California called Beloved. I had total freedom in my designs and I could do as many as I wanted. They only printed the clothes when the customer bought it, so the variety in their products was huge. The concept of my pieces was to make everything colorful and fun.