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Updated: Nov 7, 2019

I had the opportunity to collaborate with the amazing fashion designer from Frankfurt Lin Beeser who has a beautiful brand called LIN ART PROJECT.

She collaborates and joins forces with artists from any part of the world. We have done 2 collections and the pieces are insane. I could not believe those were my drawings when I had the pieces with me. The details are amazing.

The best part was to see Heidi Klum wearing some of the pieces we made. It was so exciting to see her skiing in Aspen with the sweater I designed inspired on my twins which I called "Los Mostricos" (Little monsters).

Other celebrities like Keri Hilson, Steve Aoki and Theophilus from London were spotted using some of the pieces we did.

Thank you Lin for believing in my talent and for the amazing week we had in Frankfurt.

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