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Working with Hugo Boss

As a local female Latina artist, I had the amazing opportunity to work with Hugo Boss for their Miami Dolphins collection, customizing footballs for fans and customers. It was my first time painting footballs, and it was an absolute blast.

I was tasked with personalizing footballs for customers. Despite being new to painting footballs, I embraced the challenge with excitement. Being a part of this collaboration was a major milestone in my career as a local female Latina artist. It provided a platform for me to showcase my talent to a wider audience and celebrate the fusion of sports and fashion.

I am immensely grateful to Hugo Boss for supporting local talent and providing opportunities for female Latina artists like myself. This collaboration serves as an inspiration to artists everywhere. It breaks barriers, shatters stereotypes, and creates new avenues for creativity.

This collaboration goes beyond football and fashion. It celebrates the power of art to connect and inspire people. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone at the Hugo Boss Brickell City Center store, for being so kind and friendly.

Thank you Hugo Boss!

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