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I created my first painting with AR

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with The Rising Star Foundation, an organization dedicated to empowering neurodiverse young adults and helping them lead fulfilling and independent lives.

They commissioned me to create a painting that represented their mission and that was going to be part of the learning space. I was given the freedom to express my artistic vision, capturing the foundation's beautiful values. Here you can see part of the process while I was painting at the foundation for almost a week.

After painting the canvas, I Integrated augmented reality with the ARTIVIVE app. That took my artwork to another level. When viewed through a smartphone, the painting transformed into a magical garden. Blooming flowers, fluttering butterflies, and soothing nature sounds emerged, leaving the audience in awe.

During the opening night, I revealed the AR painting to a room filled with anticipation. The gasps and applause filled me with warmth and fulfillment. It was a powerful moment that showcased the ability of art to inspire and transcend boundaries.

Working with The Rising Star Foundation was truly special because of their dedication to empowering neurodiverse young adults. Their values aligned with mine, making the project even more meaningful. It was an honor to contribute to their mission through art.

Here you can see a short REEL of the guests reacting to the painting.

My first painting with Augmented Reality, was a journey filled with joy and creative freedom. The integration of technology and art brought magic to life, leaving the audience amazed. Collaborating with a foundation that shares beautiful values made this experience unforgettable. I am grateful to The Rising Star Foundation for their trust and for the opportunity to contribute to their vision of a brighter future for neurodiverse young adults.

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