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The reason I want to post about this particular mural is because this experience was really special for me. I had the pleasure to work with the amazing UNCONVENTIONAL GROUP team who put together the team that helped me to create this mural.

This time we joined forces with HOPE MIAMI and did this wall for STARR CATERING GROUP. We had the opportunity to work with disabled kids and their wonderful teachers.

I made a simple design so everyone could feel confortable painting. The concept was paint by numbers, so everyone could grab a brush and a color and paint in the assigned area. We guided them so the painted inside the line. There where a lot of kids so while some of them painted other took turns inside because we did this during summer so it was very hot.

The kids had so much fun, they have never painted on a wall before, that's what made it so special. It was a beautiful experience I would never forget.

Thank you HOPE and STARR catering for trusting in our talent. And of course thank you to my amazing team, you guys rock!

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