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Painting for an Orthodontics!

A few weeks ago I finished an amazing project. I painted several murals on the premises of a dental building located in South Miami. I hesitated in accepting this project at the beginning because I thought that my colorful style had nothing to do with dentistry or medicine. But as soon as I met the doctors and heard what they wanted, I knew the job was for me!

Dr. D & Dr. G showed me Singapore's airport and told me to get inspired by that. Their company Orthodontics Only, is eco friendly and they really care about the environment. They have solar panels to save energy and there are no plastic cups in their offices.

After putting together my amazing team, the first walls we painted, were two walls and a ceiling the building. You can see them as soon as you enter the parking lot. The design has many plants and organic shapes in different shades of green. The color palette is a little bit outside of my comfort zone, because my work is usually very colorful. But I loved how everything turned out.

We also painted the doors and several areas of the offices where they wanted to add cool and fun quotes. One of my favorite areas is a cute room in the lobby area. Making that one was so much fun, because we painted the feathers of a peacock so people can take selfies and become a 🦚

I am so grateful that Dr. D & Dr. G for allowing me to be part of such an AMAZING project.

If you want to see a few videos of the process, you can check out some REELS I did in my IG account.

I want to thank my awesome female team for all the effort, you guys rock! 💜⚡️

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