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Check out how I painted a ceiling for a cupcake shop in Downtown Doral

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

A year ago I painted a mural for my favorite Cupcake Vegan Shop BunnieCakes.

They were supposed to open their new location in Downtown Doral but due to this pandemic they had to postpone almost a year.

Finally, they decided to open on December 2020, so I could finish the whole project. The only unfinished area was the outdoor ceiling of the shop. It was a real challenge to paint on top of our heads, but we did it in 3 days.

Here you can see part of the process. We used a lift and a scaffold. That's one of the reasons why we could finish it in that short period of time. The other reason was my amazing assistant Manu, she is the best!

Hope you like the result as much as I do. This was the first time I painted a ceiling and I think it turned out pretty good. Don't you think?

Thank you BunnieCakes for always trusting in me and letting me do what I love most. 💖

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