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Hello Michelle! Hello Fears!

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

I had the chance to celebrate with the author, the first anniversary of her successful book Hello Fears. Michelle Poler is a very inspiring keynote speaker (and now author) from Venezuela. I met her through social media, but this year I finally met her in person.

I went with my dear friend Mariana from BunnieCakes for which I've made 3 lovely murals in the past. You can check the last mural I made for her here. I think it's so important to support women and surround yourself with women that inspire you.

Last year, when she asked her community if we wanted to make the cover for her book, many of us said hell Yeah! There were so many amazing covers from different illustrators around the world. Finally her publicist decided that they were going to make the cover of the book in house.

Yes, they rejected all the covers and it was kind of a bummer. (You can see my cover here) But what we didn't know was that all the participating illustrators names appeared in Michelle's published book! You can see my name in the picture with a little heart on the side 🥰 I not only received this amazing book with my name inside, but specially signed and dedicated just for me. That was a lovely surprise that I was not expecting.

Michelle is a great human being, I love her attitude towards life and how positive and determined she is. She has an amazing community in Patreon (%99 women) where we all learn, share and talk about our journeys as entrepreneurs.

If you want to read or listen this amazing book you can buy it here.

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