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Speaker at Open Mic 5x5 Venprendedoras Event

Last June I talked about productivity at "5x5 Open Mic". This online event, conducted by Caro Piña, was organized by Venprendedoras, a platform created by two outstanding Venezuelan sisters. I didn't hesitate to accept the invitation because their goal is to promote Venezuelan women entrepreneurs around the globe, and I always support women whenever and however I can.

I got to share "the stage" with four amazing and talented women from different disciplines. In my presentation I highlighted the importance of time management to achieve goals. It was a great opportunity to share my experience as an entrepreneur. It was very exciting to talk to 50 women connected from different continents.

My gratitude to these wonderful sisters for the invitation, and for opening this window to Venezuelan entrepreneurs. I'm sharing the video of the event in case you want to see it 😎

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