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Vital Voices Miami Mentoring Walk

I was invited to be part of the Miami Mentoring Walk in Miami Beach. It was so exciting to be there speaking about my journey in WEB3. Most of the women in the room never heard of WEB3 so it was very exciting for me to inspire them to be part of the beautiful community I belong to WEB3 EQUITY.

The event was organized by We Evolution Founded by Maria Gabriela Hoch. The panel was moderated by Mónica Talán founder of Crypto Conexión. It took place in the beautiful Forum at the Faena Hotel. I've never been there before so it was very exciting and breathtaking to speak in such a beautiful venue.

It was an amazing morning filled with great energy, so much knowledge, genuine connections, and amazing women. Thank you so much Vital Voices for having me.

It was a great experience, hope to be back next year!

What are the Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walks?

For more than 20 years, Vital Voices has identified women who understand that power expands the moment it’s shared, and who choose to leverage their leadership for collective progress.

Every year, Vital Voices works with the Global Leadership Network to organize Global Mentoring Walks in communities around the world, convening women leaders to walk together.

It is the ideal opportunity to demonstrate the power of women’s leadership and unite women in support of other women. Through the Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk, mentors, and mentees come together to walk in their communities, sharing challenges and solutions and forming supportive bonds that foster growth, confidence, and leadership.

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