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My First NFT Collection!

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

I am so honored to have done my first NFT Collection for a community like Web3 Equity.

I became part of a team of passionate and driven female local leaders who are pursuing gender equity in web3 by increasing knowledge, network, and resources for women investors, collectors, and creators.

Thanks to Michelle Abbs, the founder of Web3 Equity, this community has come together and created a safe space for women that want to take part in this WEB3 world.

“Web3 and blockchain technology will change the world and our everyday lives for decades to come. We are architecting the foundational structures and this is the time for women to be at the table making decisions, making money, and shaping the future. Our community is meant to offer a learning vessel with all resources, webinars, IRL experiences to help onboard more women into web3. ”

— Michelle Abbs, Founder Web3Equity

With Francis X. Suarez's support, Mayor of Miami, and Gloria Fonts Suarez, the First Lady of Miami, our female tech organization launched our first NFT collection: The Tuttle Tribe, in honor of Julia Tuttle the mother of Miami.

The event took place on March 16th in the beautiful location of Perez Art Musem located in Downtown. Miami is the only major US city that was founded by a woman during Women’s History Month.

Thank you Michelle and Carla for believing in my talent. Thanks to everyone who came to this beautiful event to support our amazing tribe!

If you want to be part of the TUTTLE TRIBE you can MINT NOW or join our Telegram.

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